Learning at Work Day is becoming... Learning at Work Week
19th-25th May 2015.

Acudemy has some exciting news - in 2015, Learning at Work Day is becoming Learning at Work Week and took place from 19-25th May 2015. We were part of this campaign to increase awareness. Here are some highlighted points:

Why is it changing?

2015, Adult Learners' Week is changing to become a two month festival of learning in May and June, culminating in a week of award presentations and other national and regional events. Many companies already run activities for Learning at Work Day over a week, at times that suit them and their employees. The creation of a two month learning festival offers the opportunity to extend Learning at Work Day to a Week focused on special activities that engage and enthuse employees about learning and development in the workplace.

How will it work?

Learning at Work Week will offer the same opportunity to run a branded learning campaign in your workplace linked to a national event. You can run special learning activities and promotions at any time and on any scale during the Week so there's no pressure to do something every day!

As with Learning at Work Day, there will be an annual theme for Learning at Work Week - for 2014, this is Learning Connections  Once again we will be working in partnership to provide special activities, resources and opportunities for your Learning at Work Week events. These will be highlighted via the Learning at Work Week newsletter and the Learning at Work Week website www.learningatworkweek.com

2015 Theme - Learning Connections

The theme for Learning at Work Week 2014 is Learning Connections. The theme reflects the changing nature of learning and development and how workplaces can take advantage of new approaches, attitudes and tools that support learning in the workplace - it highlights:

Learning through connecting people and places

The potential and advantages of fostering new social and collaborative models for learning, where employees and organisations interact, share and learn from each other creating a broader mix of learning opportunities within the workplace from courses to online resources.

Learning through bringing together knowledge and ideas

How increased sharing and collaboration brings together different perspectives, understanding and ideas leading to innovation, business efficiencies and better working relationships.

Learning through personal journeys

Connecting the individual to the bigger picture - a focus on the trend towards 'self-directed' learning, where employees take control of their own personal development and the workplace learning culture that can support this and ensure personal learning journeys are linked to the bigger business picture.

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