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Adult courses are getting more and more popular year by year, improving on your skill set can only make your future better. Companies want to only hire people who have an extensive knowledge of the job they are hired to do. In this day and age, experience doesn’t come by so easy, so the best way improve your knowledge is to be one step ahead of the game and hit the books. Get yourself enrolled in some courses and broaden your knowledge in your desired field.

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CPD Advice for Employers

A company is only as successful as its employees. A disengaged workforce can be extremely detrimental to a business’s success. Unmotivated staff will lead to decreased productivity and efficiency, which in turn could negatively impact profitability, as well as have the potential to damage the brand. But, what can you do to prevent this?

Nowadays, employers are more accountable than ever for how they treat and incentivise their staff. There is an increasing importance placed on retaining skilled, knowledgeable, loyal staff through implementation and adherence to a Staff Retention Policy as part of a wider Corporate Social Responsibility.

To generate an environment where staff are engaged and hard-working, you need to show staff that you’re willing to invest in them. One such way of doing this is to demonstrate from the outset that you have a solid CPD programme in place, and that it’s a given that all employees will be expected to regularly learn, develop and expand their skills.

It can take time for staff to build up a full picture of a business’s structure and operation methods. Once you have new staff members fully immersed in the company culture, it’s vital to not only retain that knowledge and experience, but to offer the opportunity to enhance it further.

By encouraging your staff to undertake regular assessment of where they’re at and what direction they might like to take their career not only means a more engaged employee, you as the Manager/Employer, will be well-placed to spot any potential skills-gaps within the workforce, a valuable piece of knowledge when planning business strategies and upcoming projects.

Appraisals are common business practice, and offer a prime opportunity to work alongside your employee to ascertain the level of ongoing CPD. CPD can comprise something as simple as allocating time for them to watch educational videos, read industry publications right through to attending workshops or seminars or full training programmes, anything that will benefit both the individual and your business.

By showcasing your commitment to your employees CPD you can become noted as a forward thinking, leading employer with a high level CSR.

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